Los Angeles Workshops

One on One

Learn Artistic Lighting 

How it works and how to properly use it, creating stunning imagery.

Remember lighting is everything. 

Making your model feel comfortable

Many photographers overlook the importance of the model feeling so comfortable that being nude or in a bikini in front of you is no different than being in front of her own mirror.

Learn Composition 

Framing your subject is just as important as having great light. 


Making your imagery POP, consists of having a light hand and trained eye.

How it works

The workshop is broken down into a 3 classes    

3 classes 2 hours each. 

You can select to do all 3 classes or individually. 

I broke my workshop into 3 classes, this makes them cost effective for photographers who truly want to learn without breaking their bank account.


Class 1 - Natural Light 

Here you learn how to make your clients feel comfortable. This is huge when it comes to your work standing out from everyone else's.

Q & A with me and the model to get a good understanding in creating a smooth workflow with your clients.

We will go over your images to address how we can improve them.

We go over Camera settings, Equipment & Natural Lighting. Create beautiful imagery without a lighting budget.

The last part we spend in the field, where you have the opportunity to shoot with our professional model. Here is where the true learning begins.

Class 2 - Artistic Lighting 

We start with a Q & A in lighting & direction with our model to achieve a desired look.

I will demonstrate effective lighting techniques with controlled lighting.

How lights interact with your subject is creating Art, remember lighting is Everything.

The last part we spend in the field, where you have the opportunity to shoot with our professional model. Again, here is where the true learning begins.

Class 3 - Composition & Retouching 

We start with a Q & A on direction with your clients, creating a simple workflow for retouching, resulting with major advantages to post production.

We go over depth of field, subject positioning, Color theory to make your imagery POP! as well as what lenses to use in highlighting your creative vision.

The last part we spend in the field, where you have the opportunity to shoot with our professional model. By our 3rd class, your infield shooting will be smooth sailing.


Results from taking this workshop MAY result in:

Vibrant Images, Clients who become good friends thus extending your network, New clients, Increase traffic too social media, Impressive lighting techniques, Compliments.....and Attitude to Conquer the WORLD!

To Enroll, Sign up via email

Location: Varies on Mood

Contact for availability

Times: We will coordinate times prior to classes

What to Bring: Camera, lenses (85mm or 50mm prime/24-70mm recommended), memory cards, camera charger, laptop, tablet. I will request images from you prior to each class to review and critique the day of our Q & A.

Investment: $250USD per class or $650 USD for all 3 classes booked in advance. 
This does not include flight, accommodation, meals or transportation.

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